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What is the difference between online webinars and in-class training courses?

Our Workshops come in two forms

Online Webinar

    • 1-3 day (net 8 hours / day) online workshops
    • done through VoiP, screenshares and online document sharing/collaboration
    • Tech requirements (depending on client needs):
      • G Suite – Hangouts, Drive etc.
      • Microsoft – Skype, Office etc.
      • Zoom

In-class Training

    • 1-3 days (net 8 hours / day) on-site workshop
    • Done in a training room
    • The price does not include the following expenses:
      • travel & accommodation of trainer
      • venue
      • catering

The main difference is personalisation

    • If you are at the beginning of your token sales journey then a webinar is the best first step.
    • But regarding a Kickoff Workshop according to our experience only senior, long-term remote teams can profit fully from a webinar form of the workshop.
    • For new teams (startups, freshly recruited project teams, participating company board members etc.) the onsite training is more efficient.
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