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token sales help

Yes, we train on token sales, we analyse token sales issues and we consult about token sales

BUT we do token sales execution for our clients as well, because


“…we walk the talk…”


This is how we hunt for whale investors


  • Research
    • we research your buyer persona (the buyers of your token)
    • we analyse your competitors and their buyers


  • Content
    • we create a review content about the potential of your token sales project
    • we publish our opinion as a 15-min review video
    • we promote this video for our community (min 10k+ views)


  • Our investor database
    • we send an exclusive email to our investor community
    • 3000+ verified token buyers (no bounty hunters)
    • we send a follow up email (behaviour based)


  • Token Sales Execution
    • we prospect token buyers for you on certain, related social channels
    • we send each of them an individual, highly personalised, crafted message about your token and their possible interest in it
    • and when they show interest we introduce them to you
    • meanwhile we build a downloadable investor database specifically for your token sales project (no general investor database)
    • You get all the names, positions, companies, social profile URLs, their reactions etc. of all pitched lead
    • In certain cases we also do complete IR (investor relation services) see IR details here.



  • Pricing
      • our token sales services are priced based on the quality and the status of your token sales project
      • our average ROI (Return of Investment) is less than 4 weeks
      • your investment can start at a minimal (few hundred dollars) fee
      • and YES, if your project qualifies we even do Full Commission Token Sales

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Fields marked with an * are required or any of its official partners do not have direct broker-dealer activity in any jurisdictions. We neither hold nor sell nor resell tokens directly and we never collect any form of payments from any token buyers. We only help the token sales of our clients by providing information to our community by the work of our channel partners.  According to our Legal Disclaimer.

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