ICO to the ‘gentiles’!

Why would ICOs be limited to blockchain tech startups? It is like supposing that bank loans are for financial institutes only because the bank loan is a financial instrument hence it can only be used by the financial industry! Ridiculous!

My ICO vision is that one day any businesses (even regular, brick and mortar businesses) will launch ICOs at will if they need to raise funds for any sort of business purposes.

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4 pieces of advice on: How to sell a blockchain project?

Either Goldman Sachs, or the US Department of Homeland Security or the Russian National Settlement Depository no matter where you look, everybody agrees that Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) are here to stay. But let’s go beyond enthusiasm and see why DLT companies starve to death after the seed-funding is gone?

Eager venture capitalists can jumpstart any blockchain business still excited leads won’t pay the bills but properly convinced clients…

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