What Prince (Rogers Nelson) taught to B2B marketers?

Prince_logo.svgOn April 21st, 2016 Prince Rogers Nelson died, returned to his Creator, may rest in peace! Great artist, great loss. But it is impossible to commemorate him without mentioning his endless legal battles that had been hurting his artistic recognition for decades. Without taking sides it is safe to say he could have delivered his artistic messages to a much larger audience by having different views on copyrights and content sharing. And this aspect of his legacy offers a takeaway for all b2b marketers. Continue reading “What Prince (Rogers Nelson) taught to B2B marketers?”


How Economic Hard-Landing Is Helping The Adaption of Inbound Sales Techniques

Advising many Brazilian IT companies for the last 5 years I can safely say that the economic hard-landing has accelerated the adaption of new inbound B2B sales techniques. As the efficacy of traditional B2B sales approach is declining the choice of any emerging market IT firm is simpler than ever: change or go extinct.

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How To Save Your Sales Director Position?

FightWhen a financial crisis is hard-landing your country and the sales revenues of your company are plummeting the most endangered species at your company is sales leadership.
If you are a sales director in such situation you can either give everything up or try harder the old sales playbook that has been failing you or you can take initiative and come up proactively with professional recommendations for new actions in sales. Continue reading “How To Save Your Sales Director Position?”


The 5 Areas You Need To Diagnose For Better B2B Sales

You want to sell more to better customers? Good. All you need is to answer some questions of these 5 B2B Sales Diagnostic areas:


  1. Lead Sources
    Where do you get your leads from?
  2. Sales Workflow (with benchmarks)
    Can you describe the step-by-step process of your sales?
  3. Account Management
    Do you have any process in place to frequently contact/manage your existing clients to make them buy more/more often?
  4. Sales personnel
    How much do you know about the background of your sales team?
  5. Motivation System
    Do you know one-by-one the best ways to motivate each of your sales people? (tangible vs. intangible motivators)

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