Let us proudly present’s first NFT release that we manage for Strallendorff. (Strallendorff is a group of crypto investors.)

Queen Bee is an NFT with all the special details that make an art piece a defining force of your life. A force that constantly pushes you to think, discover and change…

Queen Bee Wishing the Drone’s Throne

‘Queen Bee Wishing the Drone’s Throne’ by Strallendorff and Mishel Bardhi

Strallendorff Manifesto

(Strallendorff’s Non-Fungible Tokenomics)

  1. Strallendorff is a group of creators and investors who finances, co-creates, releases and curates unique Judeo-Christian NFTs for which Strallendorff owns all appropriate rights to minting.
  2. Strallendorff NFTs are original and come with the guarantee that the value of Strallendorff NFTs won’t get diluted or inflated by unlimited constant minting of ever newer NFTs as Strallendorff never releases more than weekly 1 (one) NFT per creator with the maximum related supply of 12 (twelve) copies.
  3. Strallendorff Creators
  1. Strallendorff reserves the rights of publishing credits of contributing creators.
  2. Strallendorff takes careful precautionary measures by vetting and screening contributing creators of a Strallendorff NFT.
  3. However Strallendorff cannot take full responsibility of the future behavior of any creator who ever contributed to creating a Strallendorff NFT.
  1. In case of any unforeseeable blockchain event Strallendorff will take all measures necessary to protect and restore the ownership rights of the lawful owners of each and every Strallendorff NFT.
    (Ex.: if Ethereum blockchain or any related smart contracts become corrupt or unuseable Strallendorff will convert the NFTs to the appropriate smart contract or blockchain of that time and will make sure that the rightful owners will enjoy their ownership rights.)
  2. Revenue allocation (as of 2021.02.28.)
  1. 10% community building
  2. 10% collection building
  3. 10% to charity