How To Save Your Sales Director Position?

FightWhen a financial crisis is hard-landing your country and the sales revenues of your company are plummeting the most endangered species at your company is sales leadership.
If you are a sales director in such situation you can either give everything up or try harder the old sales playbook that has been failing you or you can take initiative and come up proactively with professional recommendations for new actions in sales.

Taking initiative is easy to say and hard to do, we both know. When your sales numbers have been down for a while who would give you enough credit for any change? The very thing you don’t have anymore is trust in your sales leadership judgement. Probably you know more or less what should be done in B2B sales. But in these times you will need new ways of presenting your ideas.

  1. Study and copy the survival techniques of your fellow executives
  2. Don’t be shy to demand equal treatment
  3. Get confirming intel about your competitors (to make your case even stronger)

Now here is my punchline:

To create a clean slate situation to take a fresh start CEOs, CFOs or CTOs always turn to third-party opinions.

Your executive colleagues invest in independent audits and advisory on a regular basis to support their future actions:

  • CEOs invest in strategic planning of business advisory firms in times of trouble,
  • CFOs frequently get financial audits from the Big4 audit firms and due-diligence documents when necessary,
  • CTOs easily get the budget of hundreds of thousands for IT consulting for a core system or for software development methodologies

…and here comes you, Dear Head of Sales,

when was the last time you were granted any budget for a sales audit or sales methodology consulting?

(I am not talking about basic sales training budgets or CRM licenses they are elementary for a sales department but they are not the blue-print review that you would need!)

Wait, do you really need a B2B Sales Diagnosis?
I have been delivering B2B Sales Diagnostic Services for 16 years mostly in emerging markets and I have rarely bumped into sales managers that did not know their department’s short-comings and problems. Many times they had a precise sales diagnosis on their own and a few times sales directors know exactly what to do to improve sales revenues.

So the good question is:

What the heck is the added-value of any consulting, if the ‘patient’ already knows the right treatment?

Probably you have guessed the answer:


It would be a huge problem for your company if your CFO could be surprised by anything in the financial audit, right? Likewise a B2B Sales Diagnosis is not made to surprise you about your own sales department. (If there is anything new about sales methodologies or trending sales tools it is usually discussed and understood during the assessment.)

A B2B Sales Diagnosis is forged for your own hands like a lightsaber to fight against the lack of trust in your sales leadership and win support for your future plans in your sales organisation.

In this coming year there will be blood, sweat and tears in our crisis-hit markets. This is your choice: sit and wait for the decision of your board about your future or fight like a Jedi of Sales!


By the way this is what I do: I diagnose B2B selling problems and create recommendations of possible solutions.
I can help your job with my eBook, audio book,  online or onsite sales diagnostic services:here.