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Private Token Services
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What makes us good at finding promising private cryptoasset deals for you?


We are close to token projects…

…because we train token projects, we analyse and consult their token sales…


“…get the token deals your money deserves…”


Token Deals

This is how your money gets you the best private token deals



  • We are close to token projects
    • we train, consult and help token projects
    • we analyse their competitors and markets
    • we know the moments when they are open for special deals


  • Your money deserves special treatment
    • we can help you to be treated as a valued token buyer
    • we can get you access to the real decision makers
    • we can negotiate the best possible token price for you


  • Investor Relations
    • we can stay in touch post-purchase
    • we can feed you with insight information
    • and we can help you find the right exit moments


Token Deals


  • Pricing
      • our service is only available for token buyers with over 1 000,- USD / transaction
      • we have different service packages based on your needs
      • and YES, in certain cases our Private Cryptoasset Services are Free

Apply for your free cryptoasset consult or any of its official partners do not have direct broker-dealer activity in any jurisdictions. We neither hold nor sell nor resell tokens directly and we never collect any form of payments from any token buyers. We only help our clients by providing related information. Our private token service clients transact and buy directly from the specific token projects. In accordance with our Legal Disclaimer.