Meet our ‘Your Token is Good Here’ Campaign!

Most of our webinar participants are either before their own TGE (Token Generation Event) or after it. And we often got requests for the option of payment with a native token for our webinar services.

And we said:

Sure thing, we are confident that if your are trained by us your token will have value!

  • If you have already generated your tokens you can pay 50% of our training fees with your tokens.


  • If you are about to launch your Initial Token Offering (ITO, STO, ICO etc.) project and you have not got your tokens just yet you can promise to pay 25% of our training fees with your future tokens.

Here is how you can indicate your intention on our Order Form:


Once we receive your request our colleague will contact you to clarify the details and you are good to come to our webinar!

This is how simple it is…