Token Sales Funnel (B2B vs. B2C)

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Most people think that a token sales project (an ICO) is a B2C project because it looks like B2C: you have your tokens and you offer it to the public (literally to anyone) to buy your coins. But eventually it must start as a B2B project: yes, at the beginning it is a business-to-business sales process.


There are a lot of steps in an ICO project before it gets visible for the public. It usually goes like this:

Idea (initial white paper)
Fund raising for the ICO (b2b sales to investors)
ICO materials creation (written content, video content, spike programming, etc.)
ICO marketing campaign launch (b2c marketing)
Actual token sales (b2c sales to micro investors)

As you can see the first three steps happen without any transparency. But to have a strong B2C marketing campaign, you must have great marketing materials ready and to create blogs, white papers, videos, demo software you must have initial funds.
Right after you have an idea you must start to raise funds for your ICO and that part of talking to seed investors is B2B.

So if you want to have an ICO one day and you already have the business idea, the next step is to have a b2b sales strategy.