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ICO Expert-as-a-Service

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Expert as a Service (ExaaS) is a cost effective online method to engage with professional consultants. Unlike the traditional in-person way of receiving consulting services ExaaS gives users/clients the opportunity to receive smaller units of consulting (in the form of packages or smaller time units) without the costs of travelling, accommodation or in-person meetings.

Typical form of ExaaS is Instant Messaging, Voice over IP, emails, document sharing, link sharing, pre-recorded custom video presentations and video/call-confs.

mikloskadar.com offers Token Sales ExaaS services like ICO Help, Complete Online ICO Assessment or  ICO Due-Diligence.

ICO Help

According to Wikipedia: Expert-as-a-Service (ExaaS) is an online synchronous and asynchronous delivery model of human consulting and/or automated knowledge transfer. Similarly to SaaS (Software as a service) the concept of ExaaS comes from the remote nature of processing data and/or providing service. The user of an ExaaS accesses the service through a webpage, VoiP, IM, etc. or any related mobile app. Typical ExaaS providers are consultants, lawyers, doctors, teachers etc.

ExaaS is the general term for newer consulting or expertise based online services like CaaS (Consulting-as-a-Service) or JaaS (Justice-as-a-Service).

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