ICO Communication Contingency Plan

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An ICO Communication Contingency Plan is for unexpected situations when the ICO Team sends the message to its crypto community (mostly its token holders) that everything is under control and the ICO Team is prepared for the upcoming challenges.  A good ICO contingency plan must contain communication protocols of when, what, where (and how often) and how to call others attention to our communication as follows:


There can be unlimited number of reasons to trigger a communication contingency plan, but let’s list the typical ones:

Price collapse

Technical issues with the ICO platform

Hacking, Phishing

Hostile media activity

Sudden leave from the ICO team

Related legislation change

Legal actions against the ICO project


The typical content of our communication should contain several items. Depending on the media outlet or channel it can vary by size but the structure must be as follows:

General overview of the situation

Project status report

Specific effects on the project (if any)

Financial status of ICO (adjustments if necessary)

Promise of follow-up of the situation (updates daily/weekly)


When we publish our content and ask others to share and publish it as well our publications must follow the principles below:

Utilisation of all communication channels

Coherent communication content (matching wordings as much as possible)

Raising the frequency of publishing (from monthly to weekly or daily etc)


As always our publications need traffic and beyond our organic visitors we must drive extra traffic for the highest possible reach by

Paid ads

Newsletter sendings

Manual traffic (direct messages to influencers)

Press releases


Any unexpected situation is a good opportunity to differentiate our ICO from our competitors by professional, disciplined and prepared management of our communication.