Chapter 1 – Investor Summary

Chapter 1 – Investor Summary

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Investor Summary is the chapter that your token buyers will actually read so this must be the essential of your very best content. Short, but strong and clear.

The best-practise is to write this part at the end of the whole whitepaper (Draft Red Herring Prospectus) and these are the subchapters to include:


THE ICO – Your token sales pitch in few sentences.

BOOK BUILDING PROCESS – Here you should explain your token distribution plans.

DATE, ONLINE LOCATION AND CRYPTO ASSET ID’s – Timeframe of issue and blockchain IDs to verify your tokens.

TOKEN FEATURES – Describe here the basic features of your token (service credit, discount, reward, loyalty etc.) features

SPECIAL VALUE GUARANTEE – If you have any guarantees to offer keeping your token’s value write about it in few sentences.

RISK IN RELATION TO THE FIRST ISSUE – This is a very important subchapter, be honest. If there are risks in relation of the issue, and there are, write about them.

GENERAL RISKS – There are general risks of any region, industry and business. Show your token holders that you are aware of them.

ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY – This part is to reveal who is taking final responsibilities of doing all related Due Diligences.

LISTINGS – The ways and exchanges how and where your token is and/or will be available.

ANNOUNCEMENTS, NEWS, OFFICIAL COMMUNICATIONS – Your token holders must be able to verify your official communication channels.