Responsibility and NFTs

The act of purchasing an NFT is unparalleled to anything a 21st century citizen can do. And I am not talking about technology here. I am talking about having a say.

When you buy an NFT you are making a value choice. Actually it is much more than liking or sharing something and even more than casting your vote at the elections. When you purchase an NFT you finance the crypto-artist and sometimes people behind him or her. So you finance the worldview of that person or that group.

When you buy a crypto-art piece you promote the message the artwork carries.

  1. Your money will help to get that message to many more people who are considering to invest their money into an NFT.
  2. You reinforce the artist to create more artwork of that kind since it sells.
  3. You send the message to fellow artists that this is the direction to take for more success and more sales. So you encourage them to create similar artworks.
  4. You also call the attention of mainstream content providers to create similar content.
  5. And finally you send a message to the power-elite that this is the worldview that people are ready to make financial sacrifices for. And/or people believe that such worldview will dominate the future hence its value will appreciate.

Understanding art is about understanding its purpose. Art’s purpose is changing the minds of people. And with your NFT selection you are part of this process. The crypto-art you buy is your part of changing the world. Please act responsibly!


Release Management for CEOs

There are many answers to the million-dollar question: What is Release Management? So let’s start with the first line of decision makers, the CEOs of IT companies. And put up the question like: What is Release Management for a CEO?

for CEOs Release Management must be one thing: TTM (Time-to-Market)

The single most important benefit of a good release management methodology is to enable the organisation to get to the market with its software faster than before.

Yes, there are other outputs and advantages of release management like


better control of processes,

more transparency and

reduction of tensions for most stakeholders,

but release management requires strong commitment from the top management and firm commitment comes from the major industry driver, TTM.