B2B Sales 101

B2B Sales 101

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B2B is the shortening of “business to business.” It is the term of sales made to other businesses (organisations), rather than sales to individuals which is called “business to consumer” or B2C. B2B sales takes the form of one company selling products (supplies, components etc.) or services (software development, consulting etc.) to another business organisation. (selling to NGOs or to the public sector can also be considered B2B based on similar selling processes)

For example, a computer chip manufacturer selling to phone manufacturers or attorneys taking cases for business clients or technical consultants building/developing IT infrastructure or software for a company.
See what Wikipedia has to say about b2b.

The current form of B2B sales can be described with four basic steps:

  1. Making markets aware
  2. Making prospects interested
  3. Keeping leads engaged
  4. Closing deals

The most successful form of b2b selling is called Ecosystem Selling.