4 pieces of advice on: How to sell a blockchain project?

4 pieces of advice on: How to sell a blockchain project?

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Either Goldman Sachs, or the US Department of Homeland Security or the Russian National Settlement Depository no matter where you look, everybody agrees that Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) are here to stay. But let’s go beyond enthusiasm and see why DLT companies starve to death after the seed-funding is gone?

Eager venture capitalists can jumpstart any blockchain business still excited leads won’t pay the bills but properly convinced clients…

Focus on B2B

By today it is obvious for most crypto businesses that it is not the B2C crypto market that supports the business. Bitcoin’s price volatility brought consolidation to crypto exchanges, wallet services and mining pools all around the world. The time of B2C will have come one day but not quite yet.

It is B2B, staff accordingly

You can easily run a porn site with two mid-aged, fat guys in a garage but if you are about to run a strip club you will need pretty girls. Since we agreed that blockchain is not for B2C, face it, even the best cryptographers and C++ developers will need professional B2B sales people with the proper consulting selling skills. Get B2B selling pros for your sales!

Target well

As a B2B sales diagnostician I have seen too many times that with the wrong lead profiles DLT startups will continue heading South. If you are not ready (by size, networking, references etc.) to target international financial institutions, just don’t! No matter how well your blockchain solution would fit their needs. It just won’t happen. Find you target market by analysing your strategic position!

Do it right

If you have the right sales force targeting realistic B2B prospects they will still need to follow specific protocols for selling blockchain solutions. After helping several blockchain businesses I can safely say that selling DLT is a knowledge transfer process. Such sales processes must be dominantly consulting driven. Don’t forget, talking about something disrupting means that most of your leads won’t have the necessary vocabulary to understand your blockchain related messages. So you have to build their blockchain vocabulary during your sales communication.

Distributed Ledger Technology is a great B2B sales challenge it deserves to be approached professionally.