Crypto Investor Workshop

In-class trainingToken Sales Kickoff Workshop
for 9 990,- USD
(if paid in BTC)


Free webinarToken Sales Crash Course
free webinar


Crypto Investor Workshop

Length: Full-day workshop
Forms: In-class or webinar
Max. participants: 10 seats
Pre-requisites: Free Token Sales Crash Course


Miklos Kadar

Being the Chief Advisor of several first of its kind token sales (totalling several millions) Miklos has been doing token workshops for our clients since 2015. 

…reviews, recommendations.


  • Learn where Initial Coin Offerings are coming from and where they could be heading
  • Get familiar with international tokenisation trends
  • See what makes certain Initial Coin Offerings more successful than others
  • Understand the inner structure of a successful token
  • Develop the basic skills to quickly evaluate most token sales projects


Workshop day
See workshop day agenda

  • International token sales in numbers
    • last quarter
    • forecasts
    • data sources


  • Token listings and ratings
  • Token types by investment opportunity
    • ecosystem currencies
    • reward and loyalty tokens
    • utility coins
    • the Howey-test
    • SEC approved tokens


  • Professional Token SWOT analysis
    • Token sales characteristics analysis
      • Sales pitch
      • Token purchase motivators
      • Buyer personas
      • ICO platform
      • Competition
      • Jurisdiction
    • Digital footprint analysis
      • Content production
      • Content publication
      • Content promotion
      • Social followers
      • Influencers
    • Community mgmt
      • Gamification
      • Bounties
      • Special discounts
      • Live events
      • Advocate network
    • Token sales team
      • Professional background
      • Blockchain experience
      • Self-branding
      • Motivation system
  • Signs of fraudulent techniques
  • Risk analysis


  • Major token investors and their defining statements
    • Angel investors
    • Venture capitals
    • Financial institutes
      • Investment, commercial banks
      • Central banks
      • Insurance companies
      • Exchanges
    • FinTech companies
    • Tech companies
    • Other companies
  • Final Q&A session

Our Token Workshops come in two forms

Online Webinar

    • 1-day (net 8 hours) online workshop
    • done through VoiP, screenshares and online document sharing/collaboration
    • Tech requirements (depending on client needs):
      • G Suite – Hangouts, Drive etc.
      • Microsoft – Skype, Office etc.
      • Zoom

In-class Training

    • 1-day (net 8 hours) on-site workshop
    • Done in a training room
    • The price does not include the following expenses:
      • travel & accommodation of trainer
      • venue
      • catering

The main difference is the efficacy

    • According to our experience only senior, long-term remote teams can profit full from a webinar form of the workshop.
    • For new teams (startups, freshly recruited project teams, participating company board members etc.) the onsite training is much more efficient.


Handouts: all participants will be grated online access to the full Token Knowledge Base of
 Catering is complimentary. (during coffee-breaks snacks and refreshments and during lunch-breaks a two-course lunch are served)
Workshop routine: 9:00 – 18:00
Break policy:
2x15min break (10:30 – 10:45; 15:45 – 16:00)
1x45min lunch break (12:15 – 13:00)
Money-back guarantee: according toTerms&Conditions
Cancellation policy: according toTerms&Conditions