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ICO Bootcamp Webinar

Length: 1-day (8 hours) webinar
Form: Instructor-led webinar
Minimum participants: 5 seats
Pre-requisites: none


Miklos Kadar

Being the Chief Advisor of several first of its kind ICOs (totalling several millions) Miklos, a certified Dale Carnegie trainer, has been doing ICO workshops for our clients since 2015. 

…reviews, recommendations.


  • You are going to get in 8 hours the best of our token sales experience of 4 years
  • This webinar is your first step towards any ICO planning.
  • The webinar will give a 360° understanding of your ICO decision points:
    • ICO planning structure
    • Platform and agency selection
    • ICO HR requirements
    • Seed funding requirements
  • You will learn token sales trends, supplier selection
  • Token sales content marketing
  • Community management
  • …and many more!


ICO Bootcamp Agenda
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  • ICO Fundamentals
  • ICO types
    • by business case
    • by token distribution
    • by platform
    • utility coins and the Howey-test
  • Typical ICO structures
    • Pre-ICO campaign best practises
    • ICO campaigns (benchmarks)
    • Post-ICO situations (examples)
  • Content and Community Marketing of ICOs
    • Production
    • Publication
    • Promotion
    • Community management (gamification, bounties, advocates)
    • ICO events, conferences


  • White paper structuring
  • ICO Webpage structure
  • Typical ICO project organisation charts
  • ICO team roles, necessary skills
  • ICO team building timeline
  • ICO motivation systems
    • tangibles
    • intangibles
    • promotion path
  • ICO team recruitment, selection, replaceability


  • ICO Agency Navigator
    • Service Ecosystem Basics
    • Outsourcing Best Practises
    • Agency Pricing
    • Real vs. fake references
    • Agency selection


  • Self-branding
    • Strategies
    • Techniques
  • Seed funding and pre-ICO sales techniques
  • Q&A

ICO Bootcamp Webinar


Workshop routine: 9:00 – 18:00
Break policy:
15min cofee-breaks (10:30 – 10:45; 15:45 – 16:00)
45min lunch-break (12:15 – 13:00)
Money-back guarantee: according toTerms&Conditions
Cancellation policy: according toTerms&Conditions


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