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ICO Crash Course – free webinar

We created an ICO Crash Course free live webinar for business people who want to understand the 101 of Initial Coin Offerings…

Length: 2-hour workshop
Form: webinar
Max. participants:  approx. 20 seats
Pre-requisites: none

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Upcoming in-classMarch 8-9, 2018
2-day workshop



Upcoming webinarMarch 15-16, 2018
2-day workshop



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Miklos Kadar

Being the Chief Advisor of several first of its kind ICOs (totalling several millions) Miklos, a certified Dale Carnegie trainer, has been doing ICO workshops for our clients since 2015. 

…reviews, recommendations.


  • Learn what an ICO is…
  • Understand the importance of ICOs…
  • How not be scammed…
  • Learn what any discerned global citizen should know about ICOs…


1st workshop hour

  • What is this crowd…ing?
    • crowdsourcing
    • crowdfunding
    • Initial Coin Offerings
  • How is an ICO structured?
    • Pre-ICO campaign
    • ICO campaign
    • Post-ICO
    • Participation techniques
  • What are the most appealing conspiracy theories?
    • Blockchain related official statements
    • Special interests
    • Technical possibilities


2nd workshop hour

  • How to analyse an ICO quick?
    • Token sales characteristics
    • Digital footprint
    • Community mgmt
    • ICO team
    • Possible fraudulent techniques
  • Who are in this business?
    • Token issuers
    • Token buyers
    • Token holders
    • Token users
    • Token hunters
  • Q&A Session


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