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…An ICO Help SWOT Analysis delivers an independent point of view, fundraising content and new ideas based on industry benchmarks….

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Initial Coin Offering Help


Who and why?

Our clients are usually startups considering doing an ICO.
Investors (mostly venture capitalists and angels), board members, CEOs and sometimes marketing directors use ICO Help to lower their blockchain investment and operational risks. More

Because by ICO Help

an investor can have a better understanding of the possible revenue from an Initial Coin Offering,

a business angel can have a better understanding of the scalability of token sales,

a startup CEO can have a better understanding of the HR and other resource challenges of an ICO.


ICO diagnostics

ICO Help is an ExaaS (Expert-as-a-Service) opportunity to help you and/or your board and token sales team to understand the typical ICO sales issues of your company and how to solve them.More

Window shopping

Have a look at our knowledge base and our blog posts and you will get great ideas to improve your token sales department by putting our experience in good use!


Give us the URL of an ICO

Invest 49,- USD*

Get a taste of our ICO expertise in the form of a 1-page basic ICO Help

*limited offer

Getting results

If you want to know what our expert ICO diagnosticians think of your or any other ICO structure in detail and what actions to take to get better token sales results:

Make an investment of 490,- USD*

Fill out our detailed questionnaire (sent to you based on your investor profile)

And in 48 hours we will send you a 5-page hand-made, custom diagnosis of our thoughts about your selected ICO and the recommended possible actions to take to improve.

*limited offer


Sneak peak

This is how your 5-page-long hand-made, custom ICO Help document is going to look like: Show

ICO Help sample


SWOT Analysis Video Presentation

This is how your ICO Help SWOT Analysis video presentation is going to look like: Show


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NO ROBOTS! policy

We do not use robots to create our ICO Help documents but clever humans. More

Other online questionnaires use algorithms that generate automated outputs. No robots or automated algorithms in our diagnostic results.
Though we believe that automation and robo-sourcing will evolve constantly in the future and we use many automation services in our back-office practices (Google,, MailChimp etc.) but currently the complexity of diagnosing the Initial Coin Offering of a startup is much higher than an average algorithm/AI can deal with. In a typical token sales structure the number of variables, the derived problems and the devised solutions are way beyond any feasible programming project. ForceDavid is working hard to make our services more available hence we do have some R&D initiatives for future automated services but currently they are not part of our portfolio.
ALL online consulting services that we provide and ALL diagnostic documents that we deliver are created manually by senior ICO consultants. This is what our NO ROBOTS! policy means.



You can complete all our forms and pay anonymous. More

If you don’t want to expose your company and/or your identity to anybody (executives, colleagues, us etc.). You can safely share details about your investment plans or token sales incognito and you don’t have to worry about nondisclosure issues. reserves your privacy.


30-day Money Back Guarantee

ICO Help comes with a 30-day refund guarantee. More

We recommend you to start with our basic ICO Help service as most of our online consulting services are built on the data of this service. It is the safest way to experience our services as it is priced reasonably, requires the least time investment from you and gives a precise preview of our other online services. And in case you are not completely satisfied with the 1-page ICO Help Diagnosis document you receive, you have 30 calendar days to request a full return of our service fee.