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ICO Help Service Pyramid

 Free ICO Crash Course Webinar
ICO Kickoff Workshop

2-hour ICO webinar

– learn the new ICO trends…

– hear about ICO best-practices…

– find your ICO opportunities…

– check our detailed agenda!

In 3 days we are creating together with you:
your ICO Sales&Marketing Blueprint (100+ pages)
with Project and Budget Plan
(detailed step-by-step description of all related activities)

– white paper building

– HR requirements (ICO team roles)

– b2b sales funnel (for seed funding)

– b2c sales funnel (for token sales)

– ICO content marketing workflow
(creation, publication, promotion etc.)

– crypto community management

and all other ICO specific areas, tasks and duties!

APPLY NOW learn more…
free Webinar: 4 990,- USD*
In-class training: 9 990,- USD**
*if paid in BTC
**excluding travel, accommodation, venue and catering costs

ICO Help Basic SWOT
ICO Help Full SWOT

1-page independent ICO SWOT analysis doc.

– sales&marketing SWOT of your ICO

– strengths, opportunities

– weaknesses, threats

– done by a blockchain professional

5-page independent ICO SWOT analysis doc.

– based on our ICO questionnaire

– instant recommendations of actions

– delivered in 48 hours*

– video presentation (+0.10 BTC)

order here learn more…
49,-  USD* 490,- USD*
 *if paid in BTC

Custom ICO Workshops
Senior ICO Support

Custom instructor-led workshops
all around the world

– premium instructor-led workshops

– in major cities worldwide

– custom number of participants

– hands-on, real-life exercises

Professional business advisory
(with 18 years of sales consulting experience)

– on-demand consulting

– quality assurance

– monitoring

– ICO marketing support

contact for more…
consulting experience… 
Webinar-day from 1 790,- USD* 290 – 490,- USD* / hour
In-class training-day from 2 490,- USD**
*if paid in BTC
**excluding travel, accommodation,
venue and catering costs


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