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ICO Sales Expert as a Service

ICO Help Basic SWOT
ICO Help Full SWOT

1-page independent ICO SWOT analysis doc.

– Sales&Marketing SWOT of your ICO

– Strengths, Opportunities

– Weaknesses, Threats

– done by a blockchain professional

5-page independent ICO SWOT analysis doc.

– based on our ICO questionnaire

– instant recommendations of actions

– delivered in 48 hours*

– video presentation (+0.1 BTC)

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0.01* BTC 0.1* BTC

*limited offers

Further services for ICO managers

ICO Help SMarketing Blueprint
(complete template)
ICO Help Consulting

Complete 70-page ICO Sales&Marketing Plan
(detailed step-by-step description of all related activities)

– white paper building

– HR requirements (ICO team roles)

– b2b sales funnel (for seed funding)

– b2c sales funnel (for token sales)

– ICO content marketing workflow
(creation, publication, promotion etc.)

– crypto community management

and all other ICO specific areas, tasks and duties!

Professional business advisory
(with 17 years of sales consulting experience)

– on-demand Consulting

– advisory board participation

– ICO support

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1 BTC 0.010 – 0.10 BTC / hour

How much to spend on ICO Consulting? (short read)



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