Frequently Asked Questions

What service is the best way to start with?
Similar to medicine the first step is always diagnosing (assessing, analysing and understanding). Without a deep understanding of your current situation there is no responsible way to find the right medication or treatment. The safest way to try any ICO Diagnostic approach is to start with our entry service: ICO Help SWOT .


What is the difference between the 1-page version ICO Help Basic SWOT and the 5-page long ICO Help Full SWOT?
ICO Help has a budget version (1-page long Basic SWOT) for small businesses and companies with some basic interest in blockchain technologies and Initial Crypto Offerings. The (5-page long) ICO Help Full SWOT version is offered for the entry price of 0.1 BTC and it is a detailed analysis of all areas of an ICO and it has a customised list of recommended actions to have better token sales results. The full version is for companies with serious issues and challenges in their token sales and with enough commitment to take actions.


What is the difference between ICO Help SWOT and ICO Help SMarketing Buleprint packages?
ICO Help SWOT is the first step understanding the most obvious token sales issues. It is the equivalent of visiting your general practitioner who decides how serious your situation is. If your ICO is in good health to proceed we recommend the ICO Help SMarketing Blueprint which is a detailed sales and marketing plan and roadmap of token sales best-practises.


What is the guarantee of quality of the online services of this webpage?
ForceDavid  was established in 2009 and since then there has been a long list of satisfied customers receiving online and onsite services from the company.  So far there has been no quality or other problems with our services but many recommendations of Miklos Kadar’s work instead. Beyond this personal reputation guarantee we also offer a money back guarantee for our entry service: ICO Help SWOT.


How does the money back guarantee work in case of unsatisfactory service?
Our 30-day Money Back Guarantee is for our entry service: ICO Help SWOT. And it is easy to claim.
(We recommend to start with our ICO Help SWOT service as most of our online consulting services are built on the data of this service. It is the safest way to experience our services as it is priced reasonably, requires the least time investment from you and gives a precise preview of our other online services.)
In case you are not completely satisfied with the ICO Help SWOT document you receive, you have 30 calendar days to request a full return of our service fee by sending us a simple email or Contact Form request to do so.


What if I don't want anybody to know that I used your services?
If you request we do not contact anybody at your organisation or at any organisation that you provided information about. In other words, you can safely share details about your token sales department and you don’t have to worry about nondisclosure issues.


What does NO ROBOTS! policy mean?
Other online questionnaires use algorithms that generate automated outputs. We don’t. On our site it is NOT a robot creating the results but clever humans. Though we believe that automation and robo-sourcing will improve constantly in the future but currently the complexity of diagnosing token sales processes of a company is much higher than an average algorithm/AI can deal with. In a typical token sales structure the number of variables, the derived problems and the devised solutions are way beyond any feasible programming project. ForceDavid is working hard to make our services more available hence we do have some R&D initiatives for future automated services but currently they are not part of our portfolio. ALL online consulting services that we provide and ALL diagnostic documents that we deliver are created manually by senior sales consultants. This is what our NO ROBOTS! policy means.


How is Return of Investment calculated in blockchain consulting projects?
By having a good understanding of your token sales issues and their possible solutions you will be able to estimate the feasibility of any of your future plans that involves token sales. The better allocation of your resources and the ability to monitor each and every step in the token sales process usually yields an immediate increase in sales activity. In most industries sales activity is directly proportional to revenues. This blog post explains in details how ROI is calculated for blockchain consulting projects.


If there is an ROI why don't you work for success fees?
The same reason why doctors do not treat themselves. We humans tend to have this special approach to things that are ours. Let it be our own body or our kid or our own company we cannot have the same analytical mind and cool-headedness anymore. Actually this is the main difference between a CEO or an investor and a token sales consultant. A sales consultant can have an unbiased opinion about the sales situation and can have a precise diagnosis and a well selected treatment unlike people (CEOs, board members etc.) from within the company. By having a success fee any consultant becomes just as bias as any other executives and the real added value would be gone at once.


How to get a voucher?
In certain cases we handle out vouchers to some of our online services. Such distributions are always part of a specific marketing campaign with specific target groups. This is the way how certain companies/individuals happen to receive our vouchers. However if you believe that you could present good reasons to be part of a voucher giveaway, please, contact us, and share your thoughts why we should send you a voucher! (your position, your company’s size and situation etc.) We promise we will have a look and get back to you!


What is the relationship between ForceDavid and Miklos Kadar?
ForceDavid is a Brazilian boutique consulting firm, (ForceDavid Brazil Tecnologia Eireli., Tax ID/CNPJ: 14.451.415/0001-96 – check) and the employer of Miklos Kadar. The services on the website,, are performed by all colleagues of ForceDavid but Mr. Kadar always has an eyes-review before releasing any token sales diagnostic document.