ICO to the ‘gentiles’!

Why would ICOs be limited to blockchain tech startups? It is like supposing that bank loans are for financial institutes only because the bank loan is a financial instrument hence it can only be used by the financial industry! Ridiculous!

My ICO vision is that one day any businesses (even regular, brick and mortar businesses) will launch ICOs at will if they need to raise funds for any sort of business purposes.

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What is Agile Sales?

My prime customers are business-, and IT-consulting companies so for them Agile means Scrum and Kanban and Sprints and Product Owners and Backlog Lists and all these things… Agile Methodologies were invented for software development. How could a software development methodology marry with sales methodologies?

– Easily!
Let’s have a look at the Agile Manifesto:

Now let’s translate it to Agile Sales!

  • Personalized messages to leads/prospects/clients
  • Return of investments for our clients over forcibly closed deals with big margins for us
  • Long term relationship
  • Forget Strategic Selling!

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