How many B2B sales methodologies are out there?

If You talk about B2B sales methodologies You talk about drugs, medications and treatments. So to answer Your question there are as many B2B sales methodologies for IT companies as many drugs and treatments in healthcare for humans. A lot! 🙂

The trick is not to find methodologies (or books about them on Amazon) the big secret is: Which one to take, how much of it and how often…?!

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How much money to spend on Sales Consulting?

As you are reading these words you are probably either an executive or partner or investor of a company. These people tend to have the sense of ownership. And this ownership way of thinking is not based on costs but on returns.

money and time

An owner rather cares about the return of investment (ROI) than the price tag of anything. Buying sales consulting is an investment so let’s see the return of investing in B2B Sales Methodologies.

Usually there are four areas to check about an investment:

  1. Rate of return – How much more money can sales consulting get you?
  2. Period of return – How quickly will your investment become profitable?
  3. Size of investment – How much does it cost?
  4. Risk of investment – Can you start small? (to check the verfiability of the ROI)

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