How Economic Hard-Landing Is Helping The Adaption of Inbound Sales Techniques

Advising many Brazilian IT companies for the last 5 years I can safely say that the economic hard-landing has accelerated the adaption of new inbound B2B sales techniques. As the efficacy of traditional B2B sales approach is declining the choice of any emerging market IT firm is simpler than ever: change or go extinct.


Emerging economies are renowned for skipping or mixing business evolutionary steps during rapid changes. Many of my clients in Brazil started their B2B sales methodology implementations (documenting sales workflows, customising CRMs, etc.) together with their first steps in inbound lead generation (content marketing, free offer campaigns, etc.). It reminds me my home country, Hungary, in the ’90s having the number of mobile phones growing together with the number of landlines. But in inbound sales techniques being a late comer could be an advantage for the emerging markets.

While Silicon Valley is struggling to merge legacy sales departments with marketing and service departments many emerging market companies can easily start with the right foot in adapting 21st century sales techniques. During the recent golden days when organic leads were banging the front doors with money in their hands most IT firms had literally no methodologies for B2B sales. Today as no one is knocking the door anymore and the phones have stopped ringing these emerging market IT firms don’t have to restructure and merge their old B2B sales departments with marketing and service. All they need to do is implementing 21st century B2B sales methodologies with integrated customer success structures and inbound sales strategies.
Let’s sum it up by saying: It would be hard to scare any Brazilian sales director by announcing the official ‘End of Solution Sales’ (Harvard Business Review) as Solution Sales was never embraced the way as it was in the US.

The hardest and most time taking part of sales consulting is to work out feasible ways for merging legacy department structures and changing old behaviour patterns in B2B sales. Though everybody talks about the integration of sales and marketing (and service in many cases) but fewer times we hear about the readiness factor of a given company. It is easy to say how salespeople ought to become industry thought-leaders but anybody who has ever met a real hands-on B2B sales rep can stare into the ‘Rabbit’s hole’ and wonder about the complexity of sales methodology transition.

And this is where emerging market IT companies could perform better than their international competitors. Closely knowing some success cases I can report from the field that the less legacy of old sales structures we have the more readiness is at hand for 21st century sales methodologies.