ICO Sales Expert-as-a-Service

Your successful ICO starts with token sales analysis and planning by an ICO Sales Expert-as-a-Service…

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get an ICO token sales SWOT analysis ,

get sales and marketing ideas and discovered risks,

and get a sales & marketing blueprint for your Initial Coin Offering.


…this is what we do for our clients since 2015.

ICO Expert as a Service

ICO Sales Expert as a Service


ICO Help Pricing

ICO Sales Expert as a Service

ICO Help Basic SWOT
ICO Help Full SWOT

1-page independent ICO SWOT analysis doc.

– Sales&Marketing SWOT of your ICO

– Strengths, Opportunities

– Weaknesses, Threats

– done by a blockchain professional

5-page independent ICO SWOT analysis doc.

– based on our ICO questionnaire

– instant recommendations of actions

– delivered in 48 hours*

– video presentation (+0.1 BTC)

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0.01* BTC 0.1* BTC

*limited offers

Further services for ICO managers

ICO Help SMarketing Blueprint
(complete template)
ICO Help Consulting

Complete 70-page ICO Sales&Marketing Plan
(detailed step-by-step description of all related activities)

– white paper building

– HR requirements (ICO team roles)

– b2b sales funnel (for seed funding)

– b2c sales funnel (for token sales)

– ICO content marketing workflow
(creation, publication, promotion etc.)

– crypto community management

and all other ICO specific areas, tasks and duties!

Professional business advisory
(with 17 years of sales consulting experience)

– on-demand Consulting

– advisory board participation

– ICO support

 learn more…  consulting experience… 
1 BTC 0.010 – 0.10 BTC / hour

How much to spend on ICO Consulting? (short read)



Initial Coin Offering Help

Sales Diagnostics Experience

…helping ICOs since 2015 (!)

“…Miklos is one of the best subject matter experts I have come across when it comes to token sales and blockchain related areas…”
Amitesh Rao – Founder of Nova Gaming Ventures


“…Miklos helped me to understand my company’s B2B sales needs…”
Gui Schvartsman – Founder of RevMob


“…His experience in sales structures helped me to make good blockchain investment decisions…”
Christian Ribeiro – Founder of BoaCompra


“…the results have already appeared in a more structured and consistent basis…”
Igor Senra – Founder of Moip (a Wirecard company)


...more recommendations


Amitesh Rao, Tech investor,- “Miklos is one of the best subject matter experts I have come across when it comes to token sales and blockchain related areas. We worked closely with him in the early days of our startup, and he not only helped us understand his own area of expertise, he played an important role in developing an understanding of our own business needs and opportunities in related business cases. Put together with his highly organized and professional approach to even an early stage consulting project, I would definitely recommend Miklos to businesses that are looking for expanding their knowledge in blockchain and token sales.”

Marcelo Park, Tech Investor, – “We managed to form a very collaborative atmosphere w/ Miklos. His seniority and experience helped us finding bottlenecks and insightful thoughts to improve our sales process. Miklos has an easy going personality that made the project very smooth. As a managing partner I would recommend his work for company leaders who are in the eyestorm phase of growing a serious company.”

Julian Migura, Online Gaming Investor – “I have worked very closely with Miklos on restructuring the sales and business development setup for BoaCompra and better integrating the company within the UOL group.Miklos is very experienced when it comes to setting up business structures and has been a tremendous help in delivering solutions that work for all stakeholders involved, from individual team members to the larger organization as a whole.”

Ricardo Dortas Schönhofen, Tech Investor – “I have known Miklos for a while now, and I’ve worked with him on several different projects. In all instances, he was of tremendous help. First for his deep knowledge of sales: sales processes, sales due-diligence, sales organization, agile sales, team sales, one-on-one sales, etc. Second for his always pragmatic approach, which helped us achieve concrete results in changing people’s behaviours, resetting team structures, better preparing our sales personnel to execute in the field, reorganizing our setup or helping us find optimal solutions to various problems. I also commend him for quickly adapting himself to the Brazilian market whilst coming from such a distant country as Hungary. This shows an innate ability to quickly read the signals and understand what the main points of a situation are. That’s certainly enabled him to tread Brazil’s tricky paths, and would certainly enable him to be of service anywhere in the world. I would thus recommend his work.”

Christian Ribeiro, Tech Investor – “As a venture capitalist I have been using Miklos’s consulting services for over a year. His experience in sales structures helped me to make good investment decisions. I think his ability to estimate the potential of a business opportunity is a rare skill and has been profitable for me so far.”

Gui Schvartsman, Tech Investor – “Miklos helped me understand my company’s B2B sales needs and make the right strategic sales decisions. His knowledge of sales is unmatched, and Miklos can understand a business model very quickly. I highly recommend his senior sales skills for any business situation.”

Igor Senra, Tech Investor – “I’ve found an ad from Miklos saying it would be able to help with B2B sales. Even before hiring him still in the process of buying his consulting, I began to learn. Immediately after the assessment, Miklos in a quite pragmatic way, has presented a new model to structure our sales team. of all that he guided us, we have already implemented about 70%. The big advantage is that the results have already appeared in a more structured and consistent basis. I look forward to implement 100% of his advises soon, because I believe that we will have more good things to come!”

Saulo Marti, Co-founder, MobFirst – “Miklos is the type of consultant that gives you the hard truths. He’ll help your business thrive by helping you make the hard decisions and as well as implementing the complex processes necessary to drive your sales strategy. His expertise in B2B sales were instrumental in the success of our company.”

Zoltan Kogyesi, Tech Investor – “We hired Miklos to help boosting our international sales processes. As due to his past Miklos has a unique understanding of selling IT solutions in international environment. He helped us to structure our European sales processes and manage our key accounts with strong results. I recommend Miklos’ services and creativity for any IT company looking for help in international B2B sales.”

Mario Baumann, Director Business Development EMEA, UOL BoaCompra – “As a senior business developer Miklos understands perfectly to importance of Return of Investment (ROI). The business processes he creates have their focus on expectation management and customer satisfaction. I enjoyed working with Miklos and I recommend his services to anybody looking for a reliable business partner.”

Marden Neubert, CEO of UOL Boa Compra – “Coming from an agile background, I reached Miklos looking for advice on how to implement an agile sales methodology. It turned out that his consulting services provided me not only a very detailed and consistent sales process, but also a solid understanding of my sales team and deep insights on new business strategies. I strongly recommend Miklos and the ForceDavid team, not only for sales and CRM assessments, but also for BPR and strategy reviews.”

Beatriz Guimaraes, Partner at ACG – “Here at ACG we use to say that if Miklos doesn’t manage to get you “out of the box”, nobody else will. His vast experience, multitalented profile, provocative and change-prone mindset add to a perfect combination of skills to help you through a process of questioning your status quo and working out innovative ways to reaffirm your business competitiveness. We brought him in to help us rethink ACG’s sales strategy and methods which he did with a refreshing and pragmatic approach, and very effective results … we definitely recommend him.”

Marcelo Ferreira, Tech Investor – “Miklos is a very senior sales consultant with deep experience in the most successful B2B sales techniques for IT companies. He’s also familiar with all recent trends and benchmarks of the tech industry. Besides, he’s a great communicator and has very strong interpersonal skills. All in all, I strongly recommend his work if you want your company to have the very best sales department possible.”

Kristof Rubin, President of Herend Canada – “Miklos has a unique understanding about typical B2B sales issues and as a good consultant always can think out of the box. He helped us a lot to re-engineer our sales strategy. We have become friends during the project so I strongly recommend both his sales expertise and his personality.”

Zsofia Inhauzer, CEO of SFMS Miami – “Miklos has been working with our company to help create systems in our customer data base and simplify processes, they were long and painful. The tremendous help, his dedication to my company’s success and to make a better functioning organisation, created a faster and more profitable business for us. All businesses need a Miklos. Thank you, we really appreciate your attitude and knowledge!”

Fernando Biral, Director of RK Partners – “Miklos is one of the best experts on sales methodologies and practices. His work made a huge difference for our sales process, at Apsan. I recommend him for everyone who intends to sell more.”

Vaner Vendramini, Managing Partner of AutoSEG – “I’d highly recommend Miklos’ services. With his well defined, structured, pragmatic, and pertinent processes, he very much helped us to improve our sales methodologies.”

Dániel Kólya, Partner at Flow Consulting – “Miklos was one of my best colleagues at the time we worked together. I consider him a very enthusiastic, talented manager, with a deep knowledge in what he does. He is also an excellent communicator, hands-on colleague who always seeks for solutions instead of problems.”

Fernando Caruso, Sales Director – “I met Miklos as the Sales Director of Moip he helped me to put together a very powerful Sales Methodology. The results of our new custom sales methodology have arrived soon after the project and we are achieving more and more with our new priorities. I recommend Miklos’ service for companies looking for fast change in sales.”

Christine Mendonca, Managing Partner – Miklos is an excellent professional with deep knowledge in the area of sales and use tools like CRM. His market experience helped me to rethink the processes within the company and improve my organization’s internal staff, so that we we could improve our performance with customers. He served as a consultant in my business, helping me in implementing CRM. Organized, punctual and committed, it was of great importance in our company at a time when demand was growing and we needed a lot better organize the work of serving customers, since we have a small team. I recommend Miklos to other companies that, like ours, have an interest in improving their processes, with the guidance of a qualified professional.

Ronald Carvalho, Marketing Legend – “I used Mr. Kadar services in the development of my consulting company with great results!!!”

Arpad Zsolt Bodo, Ph.D., Founder of Sprint Consulting – “I started to work with Miklos in 2010 and since then we have a flexible business relationship that I believe will go on according to the business results. Miklos implemented a strong Sales Methodology for my company and the sales results confirmed the invested resources to the sales co-operation. I highly recommend Miklos’s expertise to Consulting companies looking for Sales improvement.”

Tamas Schleer, Tech Investor – “As a salesperson I experienced how Miklos was implementing a B2B Sales Methodology and how he performed the ‘test-pilot’-ing as a training for me. Working with him helped my sales-skills and definitely helped my sales results. I recommend his services to any company looking for B2B Sales Help.”

Gabor Pozsa, Owner of Magnapress International- “Miklos and the ForceDavid Team put together a new sales administration process for us and a very useful CRM tool. I can recommend ForceDavid to any company in Brazil looking for simple, cost effective sales tools, methodologies and CRMs.”

Evanildo Schultz, Managing Partner – “Miklos Kadar is a serious person and with great responsibility. A business man with brilliant mind, a professional that every company wants. I admire that he has great knowledge of issues around the world, have brilliant mind. The work he has started and ended with good results, he never disappoints anyone. A person who deserves Congratulations, I learned a lot from him. I wish every success in the world, he deserves much success.”

Barna Kovacs, Key Account Manager – “I have been working with Miklos for almost 10 years throughout several companies. He is an experienced and talented Relationship Manager coordinating the Business Development of various IT Consulting Businesses especially in multinational environment.”

Endre Horvath Ph.D., Former Deputy State Secretary of Hungary – “Drive and initiative best describe Miklos’ contribution as an IT consultant. He is a reliable source on latest trends and new directions. Focus and perspective are fundamental attributes Miklos has possessed. I highly recommend Mr. Kadar and team if you are seeking ways to improve strategic processes in planning, sales, implementation or development.”

Zoltán Léber, Tech Investor – “I have worked on several project with Miklos. His knowledge and skills are very high. He managed the projects as a project manager. In this position he was accurate and reliable.”

Géza Bogdánfy – Senior Board Member “I enjoyed and appreciated working with Miklos both as a colleague at the Hungarian Telework Association and as partner when he was managing director of an IT company.”

Amanda Duggan, Owner of Alongside UK – “Miklos is one of the most committed and passionate people I have worked with. He is knowledgeable and works in partnership to design solutions that deliver results for his clients, He is personable and has great personal integrity.”

Szabolcs Emich, Agile Coach – “As my partner in NetGRAL Miklos was responsible for Sales and General Management. I think the list of the multinational references of our business proves Miklos’s sales skills. His has a rock solid theoretical background and very impressive experience. I highly recommend him for any company looking for Business Development specially in Sales area.”

Attila Bognar, Tech Investor – “Miklos has the furtanate combination of a minded business professional with excellent business development skills coupled with clear thinking around new technologies. We were happy to work with him, he well understood our organizational challanges, time pressures, and could align to our changing needs better than we expected.”

Petrényi-Petrik Szilvia, Owner of Sunset Garden – “Miklos has a very friendly personality which made the work with him easy and effective. We have developed a friendship beyond our professional relationship. His seniority in business development helped to find new sales channels for our business. I would recommend his sales consulting services for companies looking for fast results.”

Forgacs Tamas Ph.D., Managing Partner – “Miklos and I started to cooperate many years ago as I needed his expertise in B2B sales processes and methodologies. (During our many years of working together we have become friends as well.) Based on his past in corporate B2B sales I found his understanding of sales structures very mature and effective. The results of his work were strong and the return of my investment was fast so I can highly recommend his sales expertise to any company looking for effective help in B2B sales.”

Istvan Siman Ph.D., Managing Partner of Turningpoint  “Miklos is a charismatic manager with excellent achievement orientation, interpersonal understanding and customer service orientation. He is also very strong in conceptional thinking. He was always in the top 10% when working together at Synergon, I can highly recommend him for similar positions.”

Miklos Kadar’s b2b sales experience

…I’ve been diagnosing sales issues and finding solutions for 17 years with fast ROI…

Managing Partner at ForceDavid 2009 – Present (8 years)
ForceDavid is a boutique business developer firm helping companies to make the most out of their sales opportunities by introducing Agile Sales Methodologies.

CEO at NetGRAL 2005 – 2010 (5 years)
Managing Partner of an IT firm with the portfolio of on-demand web developments, cloud services, infrastructure management and digital content creation for international corporations (Vodafone, T-Mobile, Jabil Circuit, Denso, Philips, AXN etc.).

Business Development Manager at Deloitte 2003 – 2005 (2 years)
Business Development of JDEdwards, PeopleSoft and Oracle in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Ex-Yugoslav countries.

Relationship Manager at Synergon Informatics 2001 – 2003 (2 years)
Mediating between software vendors sales representatives and channel sales partners.

…for more, visit Miklos Kadar’s LinkedIn profile

Initial Coin Offering Help

Initial Coin Offering Help Explained

…We used Initial Coin Offering Help to finalize our ICO materials…

/crypto investor feedback, see more/

Initial Coin Offering Help

ICO Sales Expert as a Service

Who and why?

Our clients are usually startups considering doing an ICO.
Investors (mostly venture capitalists and angels), board members, CEOs and sometimes marketing directors use ICO Help to lower their blockchain investment and operational risks. More

Because by ICO Help

an investor can have a better understanding of the possible revenue from an Initial Coin Offering,

a business angel can have a better understanding of the scalability of token sales,

a startup CEO can have a better understanding of the HR and other resource challenges of an ICO.


ICO diagnostics

ICO Help is an ExaaS (Expert-as-a-Service) opportunity to help you and/or your board and token sales team to understand the typical ICO sales issues of your company and how to solve them.More

Window shopping

Have a look at our knowledge base and our blog posts and you will get great ideas to improve your token sales department by putting our experience in good use!


Give us the URL of an ICO

Invest 0.01 BTC*

Get a taste of our ICO expertise in the form of a 1-page basic ICO Help

*limited offer

Getting results

If you want to know what our expert ICO diagnosticians think of your or any other ICO structure in detail and what actions to take to get better token sales results:

Make an investment of 0.1 BTC*

Fill out our detailed questionnaire (sent to you based on your investor profile)

And in 24 hours we will send you a 5-page hand-made, custom diagnosis of our thoughts about your selected ICO and the recommended possible actions to take to improve.

*limited offer


Sneak peak

This is how your 5-page-long hand-made, custom ICO Help document is going to look like: Show

ICO Help sample

SWOT Analysis Video Presentation

This is how your ICO Help SWOT Analysis video presentation is going to look like: Show


Displayed by the courtesy of ACT Foundation


NO ROBOTS! policy

We do not use robots to create our ICO Help documents but clever humans. More

Other online questionnaires use algorithms that generate automated outputs. No robots or automated algorithms in our diagnostic results.
Though we believe that automation and robo-sourcing will evolve constantly in the future and we use many automation services in our back-office practices (Google, Salesforce.com, MailChimp etc.) but currently the complexity of diagnosing the Initial Coin Offering of a startup is much higher than an average algorithm/AI can deal with. In a typical token sales structure the number of variables, the derived problems and the devised solutions are way beyond any feasible programming project. ForceDavid is working hard to make our services more available hence we do have some R&D initiatives for future automated services but currently they are not part of our portfolio.
ALL online consulting services that we provide and ALL diagnostic documents that we deliver are created manually by senior ICO consultants. This is what our NO ROBOTS! policy means.



You can complete all our forms and pay anonymous. More

If you don’t want to expose your company and/or your identity to anybody (executives, colleagues, us etc.). You can safely share details about your investment plans or token sales incognito and you don’t have to worry about nondisclosure issues. mikloskadar.com reserves your privacy.


30-day Money Back Guarantee

ICO Help comes with a 30-day refund guarantee. More

We recommend you to start with our basic ICO Help service as most of our online consulting services are built on the data of this service. It is the safest way to experience our services as it is priced reasonably, requires the least time investment from you and gives a precise preview of our other online services. And in case you are not completely satisfied with the 1-page ICO Help Diagnosis document you receive, you have 30 calendar days to request a full return of our service fee.

ICO Help - Sales Expert as a Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What service is the best way to start with?
Similar to medicine the first step is always diagnosing (assessing, analysing and understanding). Without a deep understanding of your current situation there is no responsible way to find the right medication or treatment. The safest way to try any ICO Diagnostic approach is to start with our entry service: ICO Help SWOT .


What is the difference between the 1-page version ICO Help Basic SWOT and the 5-page long ICO Help Full SWOT?
ICO Help has a budget version (1-page long Basic SWOT) for small businesses and companies with some basic interest in blockchain technologies and Initial Crypto Offerings. The (5-page long) ICO Help Full SWOT version is offered for the entry price of 0.1 BTC and it is a detailed analysis of all areas of an ICO and it has a customised list of recommended actions to have better token sales results. The full version is for companies with serious issues and challenges in their token sales and with enough commitment to take actions.


What is the difference between ICO Help SWOT and ICO Help SMarketing Buleprint packages?
ICO Help SWOT is the first step understanding the most obvious token sales issues. It is the equivalent of visiting your general practitioner who decides how serious your situation is. If your ICO is in good health to proceed we recommend the ICO Help SMarketing Blueprint which is a detailed sales and marketing plan and roadmap of token sales best-practises.


What is the guarantee of quality of the online services of this webpage?
ForceDavid  was established in 2009 and since then there has been a long list of satisfied customers receiving online and onsite services from the company.  So far there has been no quality or other problems with our services but many recommendations of Miklos Kadar’s work instead. Beyond this personal reputation guarantee we also offer a money back guarantee for our entry service: ICO Help SWOT.


How does the money back guarantee work in case of unsatisfactory service?
Our 30-day Money Back Guarantee is for our entry service: ICO Help SWOT. And it is easy to claim.
(We recommend to start with our ICO Help SWOT service as most of our online consulting services are built on the data of this service. It is the safest way to experience our services as it is priced reasonably, requires the least time investment from you and gives a precise preview of our other online services.)
In case you are not completely satisfied with the ICO Help SWOT document you receive, you have 30 calendar days to request a full return of our service fee by sending us a simple email or Contact Form request to do so.


What if I don't want anybody to know that I used your services?
If you request we do not contact anybody at your organisation or at any organisation that you provided information about. In other words, you can safely share details about your token sales department and you don’t have to worry about nondisclosure issues.


What does NO ROBOTS! policy mean?
Other online questionnaires use algorithms that generate automated outputs. We don’t. On our site it is NOT a robot creating the results but clever humans. Though we believe that automation and robo-sourcing will improve constantly in the future but currently the complexity of diagnosing token sales processes of a company is much higher than an average algorithm/AI can deal with. In a typical token sales structure the number of variables, the derived problems and the devised solutions are way beyond any feasible programming project. ForceDavid is working hard to make our services more available hence we do have some R&D initiatives for future automated services but currently they are not part of our portfolio. ALL online consulting services that we provide and ALL diagnostic documents that we deliver are created manually by senior sales consultants. This is what our NO ROBOTS! policy means.


How is Return of Investment calculated in blockchain consulting projects?
By having a good understanding of your token sales issues and their possible solutions you will be able to estimate the feasibility of any of your future plans that involves token sales. The better allocation of your resources and the ability to monitor each and every step in the token sales process usually yields an immediate increase in sales activity. In most industries sales activity is directly proportional to revenues. This blog post explains in details how ROI is calculated for blockchain consulting projects.


If there is an ROI why don't you work for success fees?
The same reason why doctors do not treat themselves. We humans tend to have this special approach to things that are ours. Let it be our own body or our kid or our own company we cannot have the same analytical mind and cool-headedness anymore. Actually this is the main difference between a CEO or an investor and a token sales consultant. A sales consultant can have an unbiased opinion about the sales situation and can have a precise diagnosis and a well selected treatment unlike people (CEOs, board members etc.) from within the company. By having a success fee any consultant becomes just as bias as any other executives and the real added value would be gone at once.


How to get a voucher?
In certain cases we handle out vouchers to some of our online services. Such distributions are always part of a specific marketing campaign with specific target groups. This is the way how certain companies/individuals happen to receive our vouchers. However if you believe that you could present good reasons to be part of a voucher giveaway, please, contact us, and share your thoughts why we should send you a voucher! (your position, your company’s size and situation etc.) We promise we will have a look and get back to you!


What is the relationship between ForceDavid and Miklos Kadar?
ForceDavid is a Brazilian boutique consulting firm, (ForceDavid Brazil Tecnologia Eireli., Tax ID/CNPJ: 14.451.415/0001-96 – check) and the employer of Miklos Kadar. The services on the website, mikloskadar.com, are performed by all colleagues of ForceDavid but Mr. Kadar always has an eyes-review before releasing any token sales diagnostic document.